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Mashabela IP Attorneys  is a boutique law firm in South Africa  specialises in intellectual property (IP) law. The firm is founded and managed by Tumelo Mashabela a registered patent attorney with solid record in providing IP and commercial law support to both private and public sector.

Our fields of expertise includes patents,trade marks,designs,copyrights,know-how/trade secrets including litigation and commercial and corporate law. we partner with our Clients while providing personalized IP and commercial law services.  


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- A patent is an agreement between a government of a country and patent owner,where the government provides the patent owner with an exclusive right to stop other people from performing the patent for a period of 20 years(in most countries)in return the patent owner must disclose the invention to enable third parties to perform the invention at the end of the 20 years period.

Our service includes:  - Draft ,file and prosecute patent applications any where in the world.

 - Conduct novelty ,validity ,infringement  and equivalent searches and opinions.

 - Restoration of lapsed patents and maintenance of patents.


- A design protects the way something  looks. In south africa, there are two types of designs that  is, functional design and aesthetic design.functional design protects features which are necessitated by the function of that particular article.An aesthetic design protects the appearance of the design.Our service includes:  - Prepare,file and prosecution design application  and /or designs, anywhere in the world.

-novelty,validity,infringement and equivalent searches and opinions.

- Restoration of lapsed designs and maintenance of designs. 


-A Trade marks differentiate a trader's goods and services from goods and services of other traders.-Our services includes:-Trade mark availability  and infringement searches and opinions.

-Filing, prosecution and enforcement of trade mark applications,locally and internationally.

-Renewals of trade marks.


- Copyrights exists automatically and does not require registration(in most countries). Any original work made by a qualified person is eligible  for copyright protection.-Our services includes:- All aspects related to copyrights includes ownership, and infringement.

-copyright i assignment , copyright licence,copyright dispute. 


- Domain availability searches and registration.

- Lodge or defend domain name disputes.


- Negotiating, drafting and vetting various agreements
- Collaboration agreements, licensing, IP management agreements
- IP Audits, Due Diligence investigations and valuations
- Exchange Control Regulations in respect of export of IP
- IP Portfolio review and management, commercialisation of IP and technology transfer
- Development of IP Policy, IP Strategy and implementation thereof


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